Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ID Sentry?

ID Sentry sells protection from document fraud to businesses. Our service can be employed on a variety of handheld and desktop devices to verify the information from any official document. Using a combination of advanced image analysis and data analysis, our services are able to detect fake documents while complying with individual privacy laws and conventions.

Is ID Sentry privacy compliant in every jurisdiction?

Yes, we believe ID Sentry is privacy compliant in all US and Canadian jurisdictions.  We limit the collection and use of Personal Data to those uses that are legally permitted, and we offer Customers and Personal Data owners the opportunity to review, amend, or remove any and all data on file with ID Sentry.

No personal data is shared with third parties, only a judgment as to the accuracy of the data provided to us.  An exception to this is if data is formally requested by law enforcement.

What data does ID Sentry collect?

ID Sentry collects specific data used to verify and authenticate document information provided by members of the public in order to ascertain age or identity.

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