ID-Sentry Privacy

At ID Sentry™, we’re very serious about how we handle customer and client personal information as well as information about people who visit our websites or want more information about our products and services. This privacy notice describes how we collect and use your information on our website and with our document verification services.

– The ID Sentry Team

Privacy at ID Sentry

IDSentry is committed to handling personal data responsibly and consciously. Our approach to privacy is rooted in our commitment to the security of the information in our care and in respecting an individual’s privacy. We understand that individuals want control over their personal data. Thus, we have taken steps to provide people notice, choice, and education on how their personal data is collected, used, and shared. At IDSentry, we value transparency in our methods.

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Web and Cookie Privacy Notice

Learn more about how Privacy is handled on our website.

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ID Sentry Privacy Notice

Read the IDSentry Privacy Notice to learn how we protect your data

ID Sentry Product Privacy Notice

Learn how ID Sentry manages Product Privacy.

ID Sentry California and FCRA Privacy Notice

Read the IDSentry California and FCRA Privacy Notice to learn how we comply with regulations.